These Bad Habits That Make You Ugly

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These Bad Habits That Make You Ugly

Bad habits, some are just annoying, others are exceptionally gross, some are easily fixed others are more about personality. Whatever they are,...

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Bad habits, some are just annoying, others are exceptionally gross, some are easily fixed others are more about personality. Whatever they are, we can all agree they put us off a potential partner.

Here’s are the top list of bad habits that make you become ugly.

Crossing your legs

This one might sound strange but bear with us. According to certain Japanese studies crossing your legs makes your face look bigger- by bigger we mean fatter. Crossing the legs means a distortion of the pelvis which can show in the face.

With the difference in pressure placed on the legs and dragging down the hip when legs are crossed, meaning a disfigurement of the pelvis causes the spine, shoulder, and neck to slope causing the face to look bigger on one side then the other.

A strange one but maybe we need to take a leaf out of victorian society and cross at the ankles with a straight back just to be on the safe side.

Eating too much sugar

Sugar we all love a sweet treat every now and again but apart from helping to put the pounds on it also affects our attractiveness.

Sugar causes inflammation and this causes the breaking down of blood vessels causing discoloration and coarseness of the skin, plus sugar breaks down collagen and elastin, the connective tissues which give the appearance of youth, so your skin sags and you look older than your years. Add in the acne factor and it’s enough to make anyone put the chocolate down and eat an apple.


We all know smoking causes some pretty bad health effects such as cancer. But also the effects it has on your appearance, from yellowing of the teeth to bad breath and wrinkles and fine lines smoking does no favors for the attractiveness. Cigarette smoking has been shown to decrease capillary and arteriolar blood flow in the skin, damaging connective components meaning more wrinkles and looking old.

There’s also the discoloration of nails and fingers from the tar build-up is less than great.

There is also the taste of smoke many report when they kiss a smoker and second-hand smoke and the smell of cigarettes clinging to clothes hair etc. has a recent study by the Independent saying 61% of women will not date a person who smokes.

Drinking alcohol

Most people like a small drink from time to time but excessive drinking is not the most attractive trait for any potential partner. Not only does it affect the behaviors of the person and become a drain on finances but also has devastating effects on the attractiveness of a person.

From losing the throat muscles to cause excessive snoring and making you wish to wee more so meaning constant trips to the toilet, to blood circulation damage to the nerves that control the blood vessels on your skin meaning they dilate abnormally, your face will become reddened and swell up.

Many also end up with rosacea- a romantic name for not so pleasing skin condition which causes redness, numerous bumps and visible blood vessels on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. Noses also become a swollen, bulb-shaped and with larger pores.

Long-term drinking can also cause spots on the skin and dandruff. Not only this but it can lower testosterone levels in men, and let’s be honest some us like our men more manly.

Poor personal hygiene

There’s nothing more disgusting than glancing at your lover and find them picking their nose, or fiddling with their belly button or itching unattractive bits. Other than the unsightly appearance of it, the effect also lowers natural dopamines and this affects how desirable we find our lover.

So try to keep those bad habits away from your other half and you never know the sex life might go through the roof.

Drinking energy drinks and coffee

We all need a pick me up sometimes, reaching for the coffee pot or our favorite energy drink after a long night or difficult day. But with this added boost comes unfortunate unattractive habits.

With the fizziness in comes gas out and smelliness with it! It’s all to do with the gases and chemicals in the drinks and coffee although not fizzy still relaxes the bowels and well, we all know the result.

On top of this unsavory issue, the way coffee and energy drinks stimulate and cause aggression if drunk in excess as well as affect sleep patterns which can all add to unappealing skin, lackluster personality and bad breath.

Coffee and some energy drinks also have a ‘tan’ chemical that has been known to discolor teeth and deprive the body of nutrients giving you an unhealthy looking ting to skin.

However, all this can be reversed with uptake in water drinking and by only drinking limited amounts of coffee and energy drinks.

Staying up late

We all know to stay up late was once seen as a perk of adulthood and craved for it as children with bedtime, we outlasted and pulled all-nighters in our early adulthood but now most of us prefer to sleep in- especially those with small children.

Lack of sleep is the number one cause of stress in relationships as you are moodier due to lessening cognitive functions and it has been linked with killing the sex drive, with depleted energy being the main cause of it.

On top of all that staying up late can also affect your skin. Making it look oily, with larger pores as well as sagging and dark circles under the eyes and pouches with acne.

Just pass the pillow, I am going for a quick nap.

Poor oral hygiene

Bad oral hygiene is definitely a turn-off, not only for prospective lovers but also for job interviewers, or making that all-important sales call, bad oral hygiene would put them all off.

From bad breath to just an unpleasant look from missing a few days or weeks of mouth care to the worse of the worse gum disease and tooth loss, not a nice look when trying to look great. Dingy looking teeth with last night’s dinner stuck in it coupled with bad breath doesn’t scream supermodel to us.

Not smelling good

We have all had that one colleague, teacher or friend who really needed to up the game on the body spray but we’ve also had that one person who needs to cut back on the perfume or after-shave. Either one is not great.

From the sweaty front of the issue, those not showering after the gym and sweating in hot offices with sweat patches and smell going hand in hand to make it a rather off-putting habit- I mean the showers are right there folks, and please spray!

On the more chokingly fragrant end of the scale, woman and men over conversating and overdoing the perfume and scent is equally off-putting with not only annoying those with sensitive noses but also those with asthma and hayfever.

There seems to be a fine line of smells to keep it from becoming a bad habit.

Worrying and stress

We’ve all hard of frown lines and the way they line our faces and make our lips and face sag due to unused muscles and clenching in the brow line and how stress makes you sleepless and what that does to us but also studies have found that those who worry are 11 times more likely to suffer hair loss and weight gain. Stress also exacerbates skin conditions. Making our skin drier, heal slower and be more prone to acne.

The absent-minded picking of our skin, as well as some people’s habit of biting their nails, also leaves a lot to be desired with nails found all over the place if not cleaned up.

Body language

We all read someone’s body language to interpret how someone feels about us however we also use it to work out how to approach someone.

By having a hunched over, folded up position such as arms folded it makes you appear less than open and affects how others see you. Although a power pose may be too much to invite someone to find us less ugly, a position of openness and a smile goes a long way.

As my mother used to say stop hunching, put your shoulders back, head up and best foot forward if we want to seem more welcoming.

Always being negative

To always have a bad word to say about any situation, thing or person really does put people off you. After all, as much as we find Eeyore cute in Winnie the Pooh no one really wants one around all the time.

People naturally are drawn to those with a positive mental attitude; meaning those which do not have a nice word to say about the world often find themselves on the outside of social groups and left out altogether as well as finding it hard to make new friends and lasting connections. All of which adds up to a rather lonely life.

Bad habits affect us all but some are worse than others and not only affect how people perceive us but also our health and looks making us just downright ugly so if you want to remain the best you can take our advice and cut down on the bad habits mentioned for a happier, healthy life making you look like a supermodel in anyone’s eyes.

These 12 Bad Habits That Make You become Ugly


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