Is Cold Water Bad For you? What Do Doctors Say?

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Water is a unique creation of nature. It is odorless and tasteless but still has the ability to satisfy the biological needs of plants and animals. Water is even more important to our body and necessary for our survival than food. Do you know that the average human being can go three weeks without food but can only survive three days without water

This shows how important water is for our evolution as a species. The human body is made up of 60% water. It is the primary way by which essential nutrients are transported through our bodies. Water keeps us hydrated and refreshed which aids our physical and mental wellbeing. 

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine advises men above the age of 18 to drink a minimum of 3.7 liters of water each day and women above the age of 18 to drink at least 2.7 liters. 

But what type of water should you drink? Warm or Cold? 

In this article, we are going to jettison a lot of misconception and myths while exploring the benefits and risks of drinking either warm or cold water. To find out what water temperature is best for you and at what time to consume it, and then keep your eyes peeled on the article below. 

Cold Water 

It is a popular misconception that cold water is injurious to our health. This is false. There are recent studies which highlight the benefits of drinking cold water. These benefits are explained below. 

  • Efficient Metabolic Rate 

There has been a lot of comprehensive research in this area that shows a key indicator of overall good health is a fast metabolic rate. What is metabolic rate? This is the amount of energy spent by an animal per unit of time. Studies show that a quicker consumption of this energy is a key indicator of good health. Cold water is a catalyst that boosts metabolic rate of the body. Therefore, the ancient Chinese myth of cold water contracting the stomach dies here and now. 

  • Aids In Weight Loss 

Obesity is a foundational cause of a broad variety of ailments in the body. Although it can be a daunting task, most people would like to stay fit and take charge of their weight issues. Prior to now, it has been believed that water at room temperature or warm water aids in weight loss. 

But today, it has also been shown that cold water has its benefits too. When the body ingests cold water, it works harder to regulate the internal temperature which burns more fats and sugar thereby aiding weight loss. Warm water on the other hand, does not support additional calorie burn because it is in perfect alignment with your body temperature and easily absorbed. 

  • Mood Lifter 

Apart from physiological health, do you know that cold water plays a part in your mental wellbeing? When the weather is hot, drinking cold water has the ability to lift your spirits. Spending long hours in harsh sunlight or vigorous exercise activity ensures an outpouring of sweat from your skin pores. Certain parts of the brain in control of your mood are stimulated positively when you drink cold water. It triggers the endorphins in the body while toning down aggression. 

  • Healthy Skin

Drinking lots of water is a mandatory precursor to having a healthy skin. Cold water boosts this process thereby giving your skin that natural glow and soft silky skin. Warm water takes off the essential oils necessary for a healthy skin. On the other hand, cold water is optimum for the task. Drinking cold water allows blood to flow to the surface of the skin which ensures a healthy glow and tinier pores. 

  • Fighting Severe Heat Waves 

There is no better way to fight a heat wave than to have continuous glasses of cold water. This regulates your blood pressure while simultaneously cooling down vital organs, protecting them from the severe damage of the heat. Cold water relaxes the human brain and inhibits the probability of losing consciousness and collapsing in a heat wave situation. 

  • Eases Pain

It is a fact that cold water boosts adrenaline production. Adrenaline is an enzyme which gives you heightened awareness for long periods of time. Mental sharpness has always been synonymous with coffee buy studies have shown that an intake of cold water can recreate such an effect. 

This also helps your body to withstand pain. It is because of this that people in accidents receive cold water not just to keep them conscious but to help the body take the pain. Cold water also constructs the arteries and reduces loss of blood. 

  • Immune Booster

Similar to the way cryotherapy is used to alleviate muscle trauma and tissue damage, drinking cold water helps the immune system by creating a delicate balance between the red and white blood cells. 

Following from the above, cold water is extremely beneficial for the body. But there are certain times when it is not advisable to take cold water which brings us to the benefits of warm water for your health. 

Warm Water 

Driving hot or warm water allows your body to replenish necessary fluids. It also aids digestion, alleviates congestion and boosts relaxation. A lot of people drink hot and warm water as part of a holistic health ritual and this is usually done early in the morning or late at night prior to sleeping. 

The water should never be hot enough to sear your tongue but should be in the range of 120 F and 140 F. Anything above 160 F can cause serious burns. So what are the benefits of warm water?

  • Alleviates Nasal Congestion 

Water at high temperature transforms to steam. Inhaling the vapor and simultaneously holding a glass of hot water will free up clogged sinuses and alleviate a sinus headache. Mucous membranes are also located in the neck and chest so drinking hot or warm water will soothe your sore throat created by accumulation of mucous in that area. 

  • Aids Digestion

An intake of warm water into the stomach canal triggers the enzymes located in the digestive tract. Apart from this, the water acts as a lubricant which facilitates the process of digestion. As the water slushes through the stomach chamber, all the digestive organs are hydrated and more able to discard waste matter. Warm water also breaks down hard foods the stomach has difficulty digesting. 

  • Aids Constipation Relief 

Taking warm water contracts the intestinal muscles. This creates an avenue for old waste to pass easily from the body. 

  • Helps In Weight Loss 

An intake of hot or warm water speeds up your body temperature. As the body makes allowances for the warm water, it lowers the internal temperature while activating metabolism. Contrary to popular belief it is warm water and not cold water which contracts your intestinal muscles, helping you to get rid of waste products accumulating about the body.

  • Reduces Stress Levels 

Drinking warm water has been known to enhance central nervous functions and in that regard, can help you to reduce anxiety. This is why people drink warm milk with water which helps to relax the mind and aid sleep. 

  • Helps Flush Out Toxins

As the warm water enters the body, internal temperature is elevated. This activates the body’s endocrine system which helps you to sweat thus flushing out harmful toxins through the pores on the surface of the skin. And although sweating can be an uncomfortable event, it is a critical method by which the body releases toxins which may be cancerous for your health.

  • Relieves the Symptoms of Achalasia

Achalasia is a medical condition whereby the esophagus has difficulty transporting food into the stomach. People living with this medical condition have a tough time trying to swallow and this feeling is akin dysphagia where the food gets lodged in the esophagus rather than going into the stomach. 

It is yet to be discovered by researchers the reason why, but it has been found that warm water aids people with this condition, helping them to digest their food with more comfort and less pain. An intake of warm water after an oily meal or a meat-rich dish is particularly helpful for people living with achalasia. 

Is Code Water Bad For You?

From the content written above, we can see that both warm and cold water have their different benefits. But there are limitations to both. The key is to apply moderation in whatever you do and to take warm or cold water in different situations. 

Just like you should not drink hot water during a heat wave, it is also not advisable to take cold water when suffering from the flu.  

Water is essential for healthy living. Apart from drinking it in its natural form (warm or cold) you can boost your water content through the consumption of fruits and vegetables which ensure you live a healthy life.

Cold Water Is Bad For You


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