Chill Out With These 26 Summer Healthy Smoothies

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When it’s really hot out, who feels like eating a big meal? However, you don’t want to starve yourself, so this is where chilling out with a nutritious home-made smoothie becomes an ideal solution for meal replacement. You can also add ingredients to a summer smoothie that have extra calories to help facilitate a workout such as a fruit juice, honey or banana. Ingredients that are also known to have a cooling effect on the body. A good example of these types of ingredients that help you cool down would be mint, watermelon, cucumber, lemon and coconut water,

There are a lot of great perks to having a smoothie instead of a big meal when it is hot and humid outside.  First of all, you don’t have to get all sweaty slaving over a hot stove and secondly, the preparation and clean-up for making a smoothie are minimal. Just throw some ingredients and some ice in a blender and give it all a whirl. Before you know it, you will have created a delicious summer treat that is delicious, filling and good for you. Then all you have to do is rinse out the blender.

1. Apple Smoothie

Apple Smoothie

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that is because the humble apple is a nutritional bomb complete with Vitamins A, B and C, minerals and a bit of protein. Apples are a safe food for diabetics and those with insulin resistance to consume and the bit of ground cinnamon and the drink also helps to keep blood sugar in balance. The calories in the apple smoothie combined with the protein in the yogurt make this a great choice as a breakfast smoothie. From Food Viva.

2. Apple Cherry Lemonade Smoothie

Apple Cherry Lemonade Smoothie

This refreshing and very healing smoothie has a more complex recipe than most but it is chock full of antioxidants that fight cancer. Cherries are fantastic inflammation fighters that cleanse the blood and help ease aches and pains. The tomatillos, rhubarb, lemon, and apple in this Vitamin C-rich recipe help provide fiber and also ease bloating caused by a toxic liver. From Green Blender.

3. Avocado Banana Smoothie


When avocados, Greek yogurt, and bananas are whipped up together you get a very thick creamy milkshake that tastes almost like it was from a fast-food outlet. Furthermore, the ingredients are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and potassium, which helps reduce bloating on a hot and humid summer day. The orange juice and honey in this recipe make it sweeter than other summer chillers but you can always replace part of the orange juice with coconut water or plain water. From Martha Steward.

4. Blackberry Banana Smoothie

Blackberry Banana Smoothie

This simple-to-make smoothie is a cinch to whip up for breakfast in the morning and it is chock full of protein thanks to the Greek yogurt in the mix. The honey gives it a bit of a healthy sweet kick and the bananas help provide the fiber. The blackberries provide Vitamin C, antioxidants and even more fiber and also give the drink its’s luscious purple color. For best results freeze the bananas and blackberries first to help make this an extra frosty shake. From Rotinrice.

5. Coco Mango Chiller

Coco Mango Chiller Smoothie

This very simple mango can be whirled up in a blender in seconds. It only contains three food ingredients, mangos, coconut milk, and lemon juice. Mangoes are rich in Vitamins A ad B6 and their high fiber content helps keep your insulin reactions under control.  Coconut milk lowers cholesterol and helps to regulate blood pressure, which can be important for people with cardiovascular issues on a hot day. From Downshiftology.

6. Creamy Banana Strawberry Split Smoothie

Creamy Banana Strawberry Split Smoothie

This delicious smoothie is high in fiber and tastes like an old fashioned strawberry split sundae, The energy-sustaining protein in this drink comes from the almond milk, chia seeds, and protein powder. Ground flaxseed adds a bit of fiber to this mix and the strawberries and bananas are high in potassium, making it a great smoothie for before or after a job or a workout. From Allrecipes.

7. Chocolate Malt Superfood Smoothie

Chocolate Malt Superfood Smoothie

This delicious smoothie tastes like an old-fashioned malted shake but not only is it vegan it is packed with superfoods, The ingredients include frozen bananas and dates, which adds potassium, protein and a bit of natural sweetness. However, it is the combination of the nourishing maca powder and cacao together that gives this smoothie its incredible malted milk taste and both ingredients also help prevent cancer, improve circulation and reduce LDL. From Blissful Basil.

8. Cucumber Blueberry Smoothie

Cucumber Blueberry Smoothie

This cucumber and blueberry smoothie is sweetened with grape or pear juice to give it a mellow smooth flavor. The cucumber is re-hydrating to the body and the frozen blueberries in the blend are packed with antioxidants. The half of a cup of low-fat plain yogurt in the mix adds a protein of the drink. Freezing the grape or pear juice also adds to the smoothie’s overall chilling effect. From Paleoleap.

9. Georgia Peach Smoothie

Georgia Peach Smoothie

This healthy mix of peaches, Greek yogurt, coconut milk, and dairy milk supplies your body with enough carbs and protein to fuel a workout. The peaches are full of fiber, Vitamin A and healthy electrolytes. The Greek yogurt in this recipe contains friendly microbes to keep your gut biome in check and your bones strong and healthy, The coconut milk provides you with the good fatty acids to help keep your brain healthy. From Allrecipes.

10. Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

Healthy Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie

This simple, nutritious smoothie is made from the foods that many of us are inclined to eat for breakfast anyway including blueberries, yogurt, and orange juice. If you are diabetic you can skip the sugar suggested for this recipe and instead add another splash of orange juice. The blueberries are champion free-radical fighters and the protein in the Greek yogurt balances out the sweeter elements of this refreshing drink. From Allrecipes.

11. Iced Coffee Smoothie

Iced Coffee Smoothie

This simple summer smoothie is a bit of a pick-me-up and good to consume in the morning as part of breakfast or as a quick refresher in the middle of a hot afternoon when your energy is starting to lag. You can simply freeze all of the ingredients for this smoothie the night before and then put it in the blender for an extra frosty treat. From Pumpkinn Spice.

12. Mango Basil Smoothie

Mango Basil Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is a bit sweeter than most, but very cool and refreshing with a real tropical flair, The mango is very rich in Vitamin A and C and is fibrous enough to aid in weight loss (just in time for bikini season) and goes well with the frozen banana that acts as a base for the drink, The basil leaves in the drink give the drink sophisticated Mediterranean twist and enhances it’s cooling sensation. From Whole Somelicious.

13. Lemon Sherbet Smoothie

Lemon Sherbet Smoothie

This dairy-free recipe is also gluten-free and gets it creaminess from almond milk and avocado, which are good sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are good for the brain. It is the cold chopped cucumber combined with lemon juice that gives smoothie its dessert-like sherbert flavor. Freezing the lemon juice helps give this drink even more of a chill. From Recipegirl.

14. Mint Green Tea Smoothie

Mint Green Tea Smoothie

Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks that exist, thanks to the fact it contains super-antioxidants called catechins that fight everything from insulin resistance to joint pain to cancer, The cashews in this drink add a bit of healthy protein and the pineapple, combined with the spinach provide you 100 percent of your Vitamin C needs for the day and the 3 sprigs of mint adds a nippy bit of coolness to the drink, you can use any type of green tea for this drink, with powdery matcha green tea giving the smoothie a creamier quality. If you use a high quality caffeinated green tea like Gunpowder green tea in this recipe you will have created a smoothie that keeps you working at a steady energy level all day. From Green Blender.

15. Mint Watermelon Smoothie

Mint Watermelon Smoothie

This frosty nutritious delight that is full of hydrating natural minerals such as sodium and potassium, contains a bit of protein (thanks to a splash of dairy or nut milk) and refreshes you with cooling mint. Freezing the watermelon first augments this recipe and make it frostier. If you don’t have any mint around you can also make this drink with basil, lemon or even a stick of oregano. From My Kitchen Love.

16. Papaya Lassi

Papaya Lassi

This incredibly refreshing smoothie is based on a common beverage from Indian known as a lassi which is simply seeded chopped fruit mixed with ice and plain whole-milk yogurt. To be authentic, use the runnier whole milk yogurt rather than Greek yogurt. The recipe also calls for a bit of sugar but you can also substitute honey instead.  The pinch of cardamom adds a bit of flavor from the far east to the concoction. From Martha Stewart.

17. Parsley Cucumber Smoothie

Parsley Cucumber Smoothie

Cold smoothies don’t always have to be cold. This is a refreshing green smoothie that is packed with minerals that help you rehydrate during hot weather including a cup of packed parsley, a cup of chopped cucumber and a small garlic clove. The kosher salt also helps you rebalance lost electrolytes in hot weather. From Martha Stewart.

18. Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie

This classic tropical recipe is very simple but also full of the electrolytes and natural sugars you need to keep going on a hot summer day. The coconut milk provides protein, the banana provides potassium and the pineapple is very rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The mint and lime in this recipe also make the drink taste a bit like a Mojito. If you are diabetic there is no need to garnish this drink with coarse sugar. From Dinner At The Zoo.

19. Pomegranate Smoothie

Pomegranate Smoothie

Pomegranates are a superfruit that provides Vitamin C, Vitamin B and, potassium and when Asian pears are added to the blender, a whopping 6 grams of fiber is added to the mix. The strawberries and bananas add potassium, vitamin C and a creamy texture. Ginger, a potent anti-inflammatory gives this smoothie a bit of a spicy bite and helps sour the very sweet taste of the pomegranates. From Jessica Gavin.

20. Purple Dazzle Protein Smoothie

Purple Dazzle Protein Smoothie

The coconut oil, chia seeds and protein powder in this cool powerhouse of a smoothie give you enough energy to work out or take that long hike even on the hottest of day. The grapes in this bright purple treat are an excellent source of antioxidants and give this drink a wonderful natural sweetness. This is also a drink that fares well if you freeze all of the liquid ingredients first, such as the water and orange juice. You can also use coconut water instead of pure filtered water to give this smoothie and the extra boost of hydration. From Mom Loves Baking.

21. Strawberry Carrot Creamsicle

Strawberry Carrot Creamsicle

This nutritious smoothie contains powdered lucuma, which is a powdered sweetener that is okay for diabetics that also has a full amino acid profile, meaning that it qualifies as a protein. It also contains hemp seeds, which contain both of the good fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) as well as fiber,  The strawberries, carrots, and banana in this smoothie add additional nutrients including Vitamins A, C, fiber, and potassium. From Green Blender.

22. Summer In A Cup Smoothie

Summer In A Cup Smoothie

This is a simple, gluten-free vegan smoothie that is full of restorative minerals and vitamins thanks to the raspberries, pomegranate juice and orange juice in the recipe. It is important to use frozen raspberries and a frozen banana for this smoothie to have the desired smooth and creamy consistency. The protein in the almond milk in this smoothie balances out the higher glycemic content in the orange and pomegranate juices. If you find this smoothie too sweet then use less fruit juice, more ice and 1 cup of the almond juice in the recipe. From Minimalist Bakder.

23. Tropical Summer Fruit Smoothie

Tropical Summer Fruit Smoothie

The key to making this beautiful frosty concoction is to use all frozen fruit. If you find it a bit sweet you can always replace one cup of the two cups of orange juice with a cup of ice. The vanilla yogurt in this recipe helps balance out the sweetness of the orange juice, and this smoothie is especially great if you use Greek yogurt, which makes a slightly thicker shake. From Aberdeens Kitchen.

24. Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie

Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie

If you want a gluten-free smoothie, sugar-free dairy-free and fruit free then try out this smooth blend of unsweetened coconut milk, and almond milk. The coconut milk provides this drink with all of the sweetness and texture it needs and the almond milk is a great source of protein. The abundance of cinnamon in this recipe also makes it a good smoothie for those with insulin resistance. From My Solluna.

25. Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie

Vanilla Lime Green Smoothie

This bright green smoothie gets its hue from the one cup of spinach leaves that it contains. This tasty treat, which is reminiscent of a lime Creamsicle owes its protein to a cup of vanilla yogurt and milk. Nut milk can be substituted for the dairy in this recipe if needed. Make sure you freeze the banana before you put in the blender. From Kitchen Treaty.

26. Watermelon Cherry Smoothie

Watermelon Cherry Smoothie

If you have problems chilling out mentally because of the heat or problems sleeping at night then this is a wonderful summertime smoothie to have at night or as a dinner time meal replacement, Both cherries and watermelons are natural painkillers that contain Vitamin A and lycopene, which fight tissue toxicity and free radicals. The cherries contain melatonin, which helps you relax and reduce sleeplessness on those hot summer nights. Both the yellow zucchini (squash) and the maqui berry powder fight insulin resistance, add fiber and boost your immunity. From Green Blender.

Tips for Making the Best Summer Healthy Smoothies:

  • Try to use organic fruit whenever possible to make the frostiest smoothie possible
  • You can freeze fruit juices, nut milks and dairy milks to give your summer smoothies a creamier quality
  • Wash all fruit and produce thoroughly to make sure any dirt or pesticides are removed
  • Avoid adding sugar to your smoothies, which ups the glycemic count of the smoothie and makes it harder on your system
  • Chill your smoothie glasses in the freezer first for a real summer treat.
26 healthy smoothies


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